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Paul Eisenstein | Publisher & Bureau Chief | The Detroit Bureau

I am a collector of fine modern art glass and have always wanted to take a very ordinary and outdated display space and transform it into something worthy of the glass art pieces I have collected. I was lucky enough to find and sign on Paul Hickman to come up with a design and then execute it. What I now have can only be described as a masterpiece of its own, a true work of art. Paul has also designed and managed the production of a second piece, a combination buffet and display piece, for my dining room. Like the display cabinets/shelves in my living room, the final piece is stunning and has become a focal point of an already very nice home. Considering working with Paul? The only answer should be, "Yes." He is creative, conscientious, dilligent, and to back up his own considerable skills, he has a network of artists and artisans second to none.

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