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Calvin Evans

Director of Human Resources & Workforce Development

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With extensive experience in advocating for survivors of adverse childhood experiences and justice-impacted populations, Calvin brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development at Urban Ashes. Drawing from his lived experiences and as the founder of Ex-It-Us, a pioneering organization dedicated to empowering formerly incarcerated individuals as agents of change, Calvin understands the transformative potential of providing opportunities for marginalized communities.

At Ex-It-Us, Calvin focuses on cultivating cultural intelligence and equipping survivors with the skills necessary to effect institutional change, aligning closely with Urban Ashes' commitment to social responsibility and community empowerment. Calvin's experience in designing and implementing protective strategies and programs directly translates into his role at Urban Ashes, where he leverages his expertise to develop initiatives that not only support the workforce but also contribute to the broader mission of the organization.

Calvin's involvement in co-founding Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE), a pioneering violence prevention organization, demonstrates his dedication to addressing systemic issues at their root. His contributions to the development of the National Network on Hospital-based Violent Intervention Program, now known as the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention (HAVI), underscore his advocacy at the national level, advocating for equitable funding and recognition for frontline professionals.

Through his leadership, Calvin has established initiatives such as HAVI's Empowering the Frontline Working Group and the Dante' Barksdale Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing the outstanding contributions of frontline professionals across the country. This experience positions Calvin as a strategic asset to Urban Ashes, where he continues to drive meaningful change by championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workforce and broader community.

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