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Drawing on decades of expertise in product design, materials specification, and manufacturing, Urban Ashes employs a comprehensive approach to urban wood product development services. Collaborating on the creation of innovative urban wood products, Urban Ashes seamlessly integrates concept development, engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing stages. This ensures the delivery of sustainable and socially responsible urban wood products that uphold the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Urban Ashes is enthusiastic about participating in the development of your potential product concept, guiding it through every phase from inception to market and beyond. Equally, we are pleased to offer support in any specific phase that aligns with your unique needs.

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Phase 1: Concept Creation and Exploration

The initial phase of product development centers around brainstorming and ideation.

Phase 2: Research and Screening

In the second phase, the ideas conceived in the initial phase go through a thorough screening process. This involves employing a mix of internal and external methods to collect practical data and seeking input from team members or industry consultants to steer clear of pursuing overly intricate or costly concepts. This phase establishes the groundwork for your marketing strategy, extracting taglines, advertising campaigns, and customer personas from valuable consumer feedback. Additionally, essential competitor analysis is conducted during this period.

Phase 3: Idea Development

In the third phase, a thorough plan and blueprint for the primary concept is created. We evaluate costs associated with design, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. This phase also identifies the necessary resources, core features, and delineate a marketing plan and broader business strategy, taking into account legal considerations. This data is crucial for constructing a robust business case and attracting investors in subsequent phases.

Stage 4: Prototyping and Evaluation

This stage breathes life into the product concept by moving into design and production. Here we generate a prototype or mockup and, if relevant, carry out small-scale releases or assemble a specific group of target customers for evaluation. This step facilitates the resolution of technical issues and the inclusion of highly sought-after features. This phase is pivotal for making final adjustments before progressing to large-scale production and the official launch.


Stage 5: Product Launch and Refinement

During the product launch and refinement, also known as the commercialization phase, the product is introduced to the market. The initial release typically includes fundamental features, and preparations for supporting operations, such as customer and technical support, should be finalized. Pricing can be established, and vital details shared with the broader team, encompassing sales and marketing. Drawing from insights gathered in earlier research and testing, we will mold the product promotion, testing marketing concepts with the target audience and adjusting as needed.

Again, let us know how we can help!

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