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Innovatively addressing the sustainability goals of modern commercial and residential construction projects as well as blight or infestation remediation projects, our services specialize in repurposing urban trees to create a range of wood features, including furniture, trim packages, doors, flooring, paneling and more, all within the same construction project.

Our collaborations with construction and remediation projects showcase our dedication to environmental stewardship and local sourcing, offering a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Selection and management of viable site tree repurposing

  • Collaboration with construction design and engineering teams to maximize on-site tree removal utilization

  • Identification, coordination, and management of local resources, including tree removal contractors, log trucking logistics, milling and drying facilities, and manufacturing partners

  • Communication with contractors to ensure that the best practices are followed ensuring that any diseases or infestations are not spread any further.

This approach not only highlights the potential for construction and remediation projects to reduce their ecological footprint by repurposing on-site and local resources but also emphasizes the integration of biophilic design principles. By incorporating natural elements like reclaimed wood into the built environment, we create spaces that foster a deeper connection with nature, promoting well being and productivity among occupants.

Furthermore, by diverting trees from the waste stream and incorporating them back into the project or other local projects, we infuse each piece of wood with a compelling narrative, rooted in the very site where the building now stands.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental considerations to encompass quality and aesthetics. Utilizing urban salvaged materials ensures that each project promotes sustainability without sacrificing design integrity. Additionally, by limiting the transportation distance of the wood to within 100 miles of its original location, we minimize carbon emissions, further enhancing the project's eco-conscious profile.

In essence, our work embodies a circular economy model, where resources are repurposed and revitalized to create enduring, locally sourced solutions. Through each project, we strive to transform spaces while fostering a deeper connection between individuals, the local community, and the environment, inviting them to engage with the rich history and sustainable ethos embodied in every piece of repurposed wood.

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