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Red Oak
Log Recovery
& ReUse

Allen Park

The goal of this project was to divert and transform two semi-trailers of Red Oak trees felled on the site for the new construction of The Ford VPEC facilities and return the new goods to be utilized within the new buildings. These urban salvaged trees were processed and manufactured into large conference room tables and two large wood wall sculptures in the lobby. This was a true collaboration in both design and engineering between Ford, the architects, the builders and Urban Ashes.

A perfect example of what a company can do within their new construction, to both offset their environmental impact in diverting the trees from the waste stream, but also using them back within the project instead of bringing goods from afar. The icing on the cake becomes the story of the trees and the wood used for these tables and sculptures.  All coming from site of the building.

It is always wonderful to be part of the process of re-purposing urban trees and turning them into something that will be around for decades more, for all to enjoy and talk about. This wood for these pieces never traveled more than 100 miles from where they once stood. Just a short trip for a serious diversion and transformation.

The Finished Goods

Logs to Sculpture Walls

Logs to Conference Tables

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