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Log Recovery & ReUse

High School

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Public Schools partnered with Urban Ashes to ensure that the trees removed during the construction of the new Pathways High School expansion were utilized to their fullest extent, aligning with their carbon and sustainability objectives.

As a result of this collaboration, over 2000 board feet of Walnut, Hard Maple, and Hackberry were diverted from the chipper. This action enabled the sequestration of over 4200 pounds of carbon within high-quality urban lumber. Had these trees been chipped, approximately 15,500 pounds of CO2 would have been released into the atmosphere over the next few years. To put this into perspective, the carbon and CO2 savings are equivalent to planting around 118 saplings and growing them for a decade.

Furthermore, the wood sourced from the construction site will undergo processing within a 75-mile radius before being manufactured into various urban wood components for the new school.


Further updates on these developments will be provided as they unfold.

Tree Identification & Removal Process

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