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As part of the first Urban Ashes Circular UrbanWood Triconomy™️ (CUT Model™️) municipal wood recycling program we salvaged about 7000 board feet or more of high quality urban red oak to find a second life back into various buildings and projects in the Ann Arbor Area.

If interested in learning how to access any of this wood for your projects please reach out to us and we will hook you up with some incredible wood diverted from the chipper. You cannot get more sustainable than that.

Salvaging these logs keeps upwards of 6 metric tonnes of carbon sequestered and 20 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions from being released back into the atmosphere. Carbon and CO2 wise that is approximately equivalent to planting 337 saplings and growing them for 10 years.

Oak Wilt Remediation
Log Recovery

Bird Hills
Ann Arbor

Tree Identification, Trenching & Removal

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