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Urban Ashes ®
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From 2009 to 2019, Urban Ashes ® picture frames changed an industry. Starting as a concept of creating fine picture frames at a reasonable price that filled several voids, to now being the mid-price point between inexpensive ready-mades and high-dollar custom frames.

Additionally, it came with a comprehensive and compelling story no one in the industry had seen and still strives to rival.  Mouldings created from hand selected urban salvaged or reclaimed deconstructed wood, featuring clean modern lines, historical petroleum-free finishes, recycled paper and cardboard inserts as well as glass and backers sourced within 100 miles of the factory. Ultra-reclaimed, sustainable, non-toxic and locally sourced. To cap it all off and possibly the most critical part, the frames were handcrafted by formerly incarcerated individuals and youth that had contact with the justice system.

Urban Ashes grew to supply over 250 retail partners in 43 states. Unfortunately, in 2019, they closed their manufacturing facilities. However, with such an incredible story and brand, we feel it will not lay dormant for too long.  We continue to pursue various partnerships and options to revive this iconic picture frame brand.


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