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May 2014 - "Ann Arbor company wants to turn trees downed in Tuesday's storm into picture frames" - >>Press Release 


AmericasMart Atlanta recognized Urban Ashes contributions as a socially conscience business in their Summer 2013 catalog.  >>View Article   


Nov 2012 - ReBuilding Detroit’s History, & Michigan’s Manufacturing Base, One Stick At a Time … all with a focus utilizing the most disadvantaged labor forces.  

A positive and uplifting story, about a city, a state and its people that have often been counted out. Those in the know, know that Detroit and Michigan are still rocking and always finding creative ways to keep one of America’s manufacturing hearts beating and healthy. Here is how we at Urban Ashes® are helping to ReMake Detroit and Michigan.

A Bit of Background – in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Brighton, North Adams and Kalamazoo

For the past four years, out of these five diverse Michigan communities, Urban Ashes® fine picture frames and home furnishings has been building a formidable group of partners. Together, they have one common goal, putting individuals back to work by tapping an often discarded natural resource right from our front yards and parks.

The Trees - “The U.S. Forest Service estimates that the salvaged timber generated every year from urban tree removals could produce up to 3.8 billion board feet of lumber”

The People - In 2008, the Pew Center on the States reported that “incarceration levels had risen to a point where one in 100 American adults was behind bars”

A Solution - Urban Ashes® and its partners have merged these two underutilized, and often discarded resources to produce a unique and very high quality product.

After four years it is time to up the ante.

Urban Ashes® has now partnered with three not-for-profit organizations. The most recent brings the raw de-nailed timbers that have been carefully deconstructed from Detroit homes, once slated for the landfill, to a new rich life. While absorbing countless stories and rich histories, these old growth timbers, once quietly provided the shelter for their Detroit families for over 100 years. Unfortunately, too many of these homes have now met their demise via a bulldozer. However, we are now able to rescue many of the spectacular materials contained within these homes, by purposefully deconstructing them, documenting them and inventorying the materials. This unique stock is now being reintroduced to Michigan’s creative manufacturing base, thriving in Detroit and the surrounding areas. All of this is done by giving a job to disadvantaged individuals then teaching them how to construct via deconstruction. Urban Ashes® is taking these wonderful materials and turning them into one-of-a-kind products to be shared across the land.

Detroit De-Denailed™ was born or more accurately “re-born” from with the collaboration of these organizations under the leadership and brand of Urban Ashes® as a “ReMade in Michigan” product unrivaled in the framing and furnishings industries.


November 2012 - UA to provide frames for Zingerman's Posters

Visitors to Zingerman's Delicatessen will notice a lot of changes these days as the new building opens up and staff and guest look forward to the final phase of construction to be completed in early 2013. One small but visible addition greets guests in upstairs of the new building as the hand painted line-signs that have greeted guests for years in Deli retail are now lovingly framed by Paul Hickman and his crew at Urban Ashes.  >>View Press     >>Zingermans Poster Pricing