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Circular UrbanWood Triconomy
Pilot Model

Ann Arbor, Michigan

In the fall of 2022, Ann Arbor committed to adopting and piloting our first Circular UrbanWood Triconomy™ or CUT Model™. In collaboration with the city, we were able to produce this informative overview of the CUT Model™ and its benefits in contrast to business-as-usual.


The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan's first urban tree diverted as part of The CUT Model™

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If a tree has to be cut down, it often becomes waste. Some people are now using that urban wood as a resource, turning those trees into furniture, bridges, and even guitars.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 5.51.02 PM.png

Slabs of lumber cut from salvaged urban trees sit in the warehouse of Urban Hardwoods, a Seattle-based furniture company. [Photo: courtesy Urban Hardwoods]

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