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In 2012, Dave Radparvar reached out to Urban Ashes looking for a company that could provide design and manufacturing skills, but more importantly match their business philosophy to their fledgling super-hot lifestyle brand. Urban Ashes hit it on all marks. It all started with Holstee's need for a new little picture frame to complement their brand-new launch of their subscription-based gift card program. They needed a frame that reflected their values and aesthetics as well as their very specific needs. After a bit of back and forth UA founder/designer Paul Hickman was able to create the ultra-simple and slick ReClaim Frame that hit all of the marks from, no glass, easily changeable, a bi-directional table top, and a wall hanging.  Reclaimed wood and non-toxic finishes were the drivers. The UA labor force helped to put it over the top. In 2013 Holstee and the new ReClaim Frame set records with Kickstarter, and a stellar partnership was born.

From there Paul and Urban Ashes continued to partner with Holstee developing and designing several new products that both supported Holstee's brand but also continued to strengthen the partnership.  The little 5x7 reclaim frame remained the mainstay of the relationship with tens of thousands sold. It also expanded to a ReClaim Poster Frame, Custom Frames, Inspirational Coasters and the iconic yet simplistic Reclaim Card Holders and ReClaim Poster Rails.

ReClaim Frame™


ReClaim Poster Rails

ReClaim Card Holders

"We worked with Urban Ashes for the better part of a decade. Being a client of Urban Ashes' was no different than having them as a teammate. Similar to a holistic approach to medicine, Urban Ashes tackles challenges by looking at the bigger picture, rather than just focusing on the symptom. His work lifting those returning from prison by offering them a second chance is inspiring. So grateful that we crossed paths and have had the opportunity to work together."

~ Mike Radparvar, Holstee Co-Founder

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